Domain of Poulvarel

Located in the northern part of the appellation Costières de Nîmes near the Pont du Gard, it is on the family estate that Elisabeth & Pascal GLAS decided to create the Domain of Poulvarel. 


Since 2004, they continue the family heritage with their daughters Céline & Axelle. Their history will continue to evolve and to surprise you…

An atypical terroir

The vineyard extends on two appellations.

The AOP Costières de Nîmes is characterized by a soil of :

– rolled pebbles. They offer a draining capacity in case of heavy rains and preserve the freshness of the soil during intense heats of summer ;  

– gravel. They were left by the Rhône river and theyr are called Grès.  These alluvial deposits with sand offer a perfect soil for a deep rooting of the vines.

This typical soil marks a belonging to the vineyard of the Rhone Valley.  

The IGP Coteaux du Pont du Gard is located on olg gravel terraces of the Gardon River.  

Near the historical site of the Pont du Gard, the plots are characterized by river pebbles and sandy-clay soil. The geographical proximity of the Gardon impact the aromatic profil and the well-balance of the grapes. 

The vineyard takes advantage of a Mediterranean climate with drought period, sea influences, northwesterly wind and autumn rains.

It is hear on a draining soil of rolled pebble that we are cultivating traditional varieties frome the Rhone Valley : syrah, grenache, carignan et mourvèdre. Already planted in 2004, these grape varieties offer wine with character and expressing the atypical terroir. 

These varieties are completed with  white grenache, roussanne and vermentino which were planted by Pascal the first years of the winery. 

We are also cultivating marselan, chardonnay, sauvignon and viognier for our blends in IGP Coteaux du Pont du Gard.

In the locality of POULVARELS on gravel soil, cabernet-sauvignon and merlot  offer fruity wines full of greediness. 

This diveristy of varieties is an assest to create wines with character and expressinf the atypical terroir. 

For the best conditions of making wines, the cellar of contemporary architecture was designed with stones of the Pont du Gard and a modern cladding. It has been studied to obtain an optimal temperature of breeding and conservation.

Work, values and commitments

Since the creation in 2004, the winery is referenced as Independent Winegrower. It is characterized by the three following main actions. The work at the vineyard is leading in respect for the terroir. The wine is vinified and aged at the property. We are delighted to present our wines, to exchange and to advice customers.

In their daily work, Elisabeth and Pascal GLAS pay special attention to the environment. This is the reason why since 2014, the domain is certified High Environmental Value. This french certification attests that the estate preserves the biodiversity and adapts its methods to protect it.

Created in 2004, the association Femmes Vignes Rhône groups together wine professionnal women from the Rhône Valley.  The FVR promotes the work of female winegrower and favors cooperative values. Elisabeth is daily engaged in this association.